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Instagram fixes ‘mistake’ promoting harmful diet content

Some users said they were recommended "appetite suppressants" and "fasting" in the search feature. Source link

Is Alibaba’s fate a warning to China’s tech giants?

Alibaba’s run-in with Chinese regulators has made things tense for its other technology giants. Source link

Crypto firm Coinbase valued at more than oil giant BP

Coinbase, which runs a leading trading platform for Bitcoin, hit nearly $100bn in its stock market listing, before slipping. Source link

Former Condé Nast Editor Plans a Vanity Fair for the Substack Era

A former editor at Vanity Fair has been working for more than a year to create a digital publication with a business twist:...

Facebook faces investigation over data breach

The Irish Data Protection Commission is to launch an investigation into whether it broke GDPR rules. Source link

We Don’t Need Tech Infomercials

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays.It’s time to end the elaborate...

Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The rules are proposals and could take several years to become law. Source link

Mary Agyapong: Pregnant nurse’s family yet to get GoFundMe money

Wendy Addai, part of the fundraising team, told the BBC: "We wanted the money to be used in a way which ensured the...

Omegle: ‘I’m being used as sex-baiting bot’ on video chat site

"I am constantly stressed about it, but I find peace that at least my face is not in it. But it pains me...

Virgin Media and O2 ‘blockbuster’ merger provisionally approved

The deal will make the telecoms firm a "powerful" rival to BT, according to analysts. Source link

Can Medical Alexas Make Us Healthier?

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays.Are voice recognition technologies like Alexa...

How to Use Tech to Prepare for Travel in a Pandemic

Once you’ve figured out the logistics to get in and get out, you will have more homework to do. Don’t expect your favorite...

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Cloud gaming: Video games get their Netflix moment

Cloud gaming has been called the future of video games, with all the action produced in a data centre rather than on an...

Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not not hamper child protection’

The Home Secretary will deliver a speech critical of Facebook's privacy plan for its apps. Source link

2 Killed in Driverless Tesla Car Crash, Officials Say

Mitchell Weston, chief investigator at the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, said that while the batteries are “generally safe,” impacts at high speeds...

Nasa to fly helicopter on Mars for first time

This small helicopter is set to be the first to fly on another planet.Ingenuity is a 1.8kg (4lb) helicopter that travelled to Mars...